Nathan Road 彌敦道
by Kenneth Lo 盧沛雄
  One Square Foot 樓花
by John Fung 馮建中
  Portraits from Above
by Rufina Wu and Sefan Canham
Photo Journal:
pH infiniti
  Our Home, Shek Kip Mei
1954–2006 我住石硤尾

by Vincent Yu 余偉建
by Vincent Yu 余偉建
  Hong Kong/China
Photographers One
So Hing-keung

by Oscar Ho & So Hing-keung
  Hong Kong/China
Photographers Two

by John Batten
Hong Kong/China
Photographers Three
Almond Chu

by Wolfgang Kubin
  Hong Kong/China
Photographers Four
Wong Wo-Bik

by Eve Tam
  Mahjong 麻雀 Vol.1
by Kantai Wong, Paul
Yeung, Karl Chiu,
Dustin Shum
by Lumenvisum
  Themeless Parks

by Dustin Shum 岑允逸
  Here, once, I, happen
to see

by Ng Sai Kit 吳世傑
Found Landscape
by Ng Sai Kit 吳世傑
  KLACK 咔攝影文化誌

by KLACK Photography and
Culture Ltd.
  Hong Kong
Walled City
2002-2007 香港地

by Wong Kan Tai 黃勤帶
Hong Kong
Photographers Box Set

by 馮建中、盧玉瑩、
  Hong Kong
Photographers Box Set
- 蔡旭威

by Johy Choy 蔡旭威
  Wai Kit Lam 林慧潔2009
by Wai Kit Lam 林慧潔
Mahjong 麻雀 Vol.2
by Wong Kan-tai, Karl Chiu,
Vincent Yu, Paul Yeung
and Dustin Shum
  Oasis 走讀藝術
by Tang Ying-chi
  Oasis Vol.2
走讀藝術 第二冊

by Victor Lai Ming-hoi
The Living Theatre
by Fan Ho 何藩
  The Natural Beauty
of Hong Kong -
A Photographic Journey
香港自然美景 - 攝影之旅

by Luiz Antonio Souza
  Black List
by Leocampo 阮漢威 &
Lotus Chan 陳惠儀
80± ─ 80後眼中的80後
by Mary Lee
  KLACK 咔攝影文化誌
by KLACK Photography
and Culture Ltd.
  Hi Art
by Xinjiang Huabao新疆畫報
Hong Kong/China
Photographers Five
– Mak Fung

by Sylvia Ng
  JC Awakening   Flashes from the Past

by U Hei-shing
Imper Man Ence 《天地人》   Lady Luminance    


Printing Quality

As photographic art is replicable, The Upper Station guarantees the collection value of our artist’s works through strict control of the image printing process. Each image is marked as part of an edition and signed by the artist. The manufacturing process applies the technique of fine-art inkjet printing with archival quality inks on acid-free fine art paper, consistently approved by museums, galleries and collectors alike. According to the results of various experiments, the life-spans of both colour and black and white photography have now reached over 100 years.

Papers we are using include:

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm
This is a type of smooth bright white 100% rag based paper specifically designed to meet the need of photographers or artists using digital photographic output. The heavier 308gsm paper provides the weight of an art paper, which picks up every detail captured in the photograph. The smoothly coated surface of this paper provides excellent image sharpness and optimum colour graduation. The coating also offers a very high level of water resistance.

Harman Photo Professional Inkjet GLOSS FB Al Paper 320gsm
Harman is a premium quality, nonporous paper on a true photographic fibre base. It is designed to produce instant dry high quality images using dye or pigment inks. Its Baryta layer provides greater detail and definition, extended tonal range, and excellent archival properties. In addition Baryta coated fibre papers have a unique look and feel which has become the standard for fine art photographers worldwide over the course of more than a century. The paper contains Alumina, which gives a high degree of glossiness, optical image density and vibrancy.


Account Information

Cheque writable to " The Upper Station Limited"

Banking Account: Hang Seng Bank (HKD) #210-246534-883



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