The Upper Station is a unique art space that focus on promoting contemporary art photography. We do not only provide a platform for both emerging and renowned photographers by having regular exhibitions, we would also carry out different kinds of activities including artists' talk, photography workshops for artists and audience to engage with cultural and creative ideas.

The Upper Station 不僅是一間以攝影為主的畫廊,更是一個推廣當代藝術攝影和交流的地方。我們希透過展覽,向公眾展示藝術攝影工作者的成果,及發掘更多有潛質的藝術攝影工作者。除定期展覽外,我們會舉辦不同類型的攝影講座與工作坊,更會邀請藝術家交流。


Tue-Sun 12pm-7pm (Holidays by appointment)
No.22, Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel +852 3486 2474
Fax +852 3480 4004

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