Artists | Mak Fung
Mak Fung (b.1918-2009, Hong Kong) participated edition work in ‘Photo Pictorial’ since 1964, who successively held the post of the managing editor, chief editor, executive director and so on. He was the vice-chairs and chairs of the Chinese Photographic Association of Hong Kong in 1970s. Apart from being photographic tutor and editing several practical photographic books, his career is equalled by the breadth of themes, motifs and techniques he experienced. Mak cares whether the photo shows the texture of life or captures the emotions of the moment and refract the cultural spirit as well. Mak’s photographic works were exhibition by 1992.
1920s-1930s Attends martial arts school and Clementi Government vernacular Middle School.
1940s Self-learns photography
1987-2003 Executive director, Photo Pictorial Limited
1981 Publisher, Photography Express (in association with the Hong Kong and Kowloon Photographic Merchants Association)
1980-mid 1990s Founds Photoart Limited and resumes publication of Photoart
1980 Retires from his cotton mill position and becomes a full-time editor/photographer.
Works in 1980s include What is Salon Photography, Teach Yourself Photography, The Techniques of Professional Photography, Travel and Landscape Photography, Wind and Sunshine in Green and Hong Kong Once Was
1974-1986 Chief editor, Photo Pictorial
1970-1974 Vice-chairman/chairman, Chinese Photographic Association of Hong Kong
1964-1974 Managing editor, Photo Pictorial
1960-1970 Authors 20 Lectures on Photography, Seminar on Photography, Photography Q&A, Talks of Photographic Composition and Darkroom Technique, Outdoor Portraitures, Landscape Photography, Photography Technique - Framing, A Practical Guide to Photo Developing and Enlargement, A Practical Guide to Filter and Portraitures
1960-1963 Managing editor, Photoart
1956-1960 Editor, Photography Club, a supplement to the New China Pictorial
1952-1953 Lectures on photography at The Hong Kong Chinese Clerks Association and The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
1950 Returns to Hong Kong to work at the Shenxin Cotton Mill while continuing his activities as an amateur photographer
1945 Retreats to the mainland after WWII and works in factories in Guangxi and Sichuan
1940 Co-founds the Literary Youth semi-monthly
1931 Joins in literary movements after the Mukden Incident
2008 Imaging Hong Kong - Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Hong Kong Central Library
(presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department)
1999 City Quartet, OP fotogallery & Fringe Club
1998 Many Summers Ago, OP fotogallery
1998 Street walk, Hong Kong, OP fotogallery
1997 Recollections - Five photographers picturing Hong Kong from 1950 to 1980, OP fotogallery
1997 Hong Kong Then & Now - Works by Mak Fung and Yau Leung, Audio-visual Equipment Exhibition, Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre

Images of Hong Kong’93 - Works by Local Photographers, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
(presented by Hong Kong Tourist Association)

1992 Works by Renowned Local and Overseas Chinese Photographers, Hong Kong Cultural Centre (presented by Hong Kong and Macau Photographic Association)
Honourary Consultant, History of Artistic Photography in Hong Kong
Honourary Senior Fellow, The South-East Asia Photographic Society
Permanent Honourary Committee Member, Hong Kong Photographers’ Chinese National Day Celebration Committee
Permanent Honourary President, Sea Gull Photographic Association
Secretary, Hong Kong and Macau Photographic Association Committee
Senior Fellow and Honourary Senior Fellow, The Chinese Photographic Association of Hong Kong’