Then & Now

Date: 24.12.2011 - 31.1.2012

Artist: Bob Davis

Bob shows a now vanished Hong Kong, as the city starts to undergo one of the most rapid urban transformations seen in modern times.

Bob Davis first visited Hong Kong in 1970, and had never even seen a postcard of the place. When he got here, he was awestruck. He started to keep taking pictures of Hong Kong and eventually he settled in Hong Kong in 1978. At the time he simply captured images of what he saw around him, as he did wherever he went, and over time his Hong Kong pictures collectively became a peerless visual record of a city undergoing one of the most rapid and dramatic transformations of modern times.

These are images of a vanished world – vanished buildings, vanished trades, vanished ways of life. This is Hong Kong with a British garrison, four Union Jacks flying from the old Hong Kong Club, and a cricket pitch in the middle of Central. Davis continues to shoot Hong Kong, and to revisit sites now all but unrecognisable as those he saw with a fresh eye 40 years ago. Many of the locations pictured here have been captured again, from the same angle, and having this “then and now” diptychs.



About Bob Davis

Bob Davis was born in Melbourne in 1944 he made his first darkroom at the age of 12, he started his photographic career in the Department of Film Productions in Tasmania, by the mid 1960s, following a move to Sydney, he had established himself as an advertising and commercial Photographer. In 1970 he decided to relocate to London to work on more editorial and travel relates assignments, and to develop his own distinctive way of seeing and recording a wider world.

Davis first visited Hong Kong in the late 70s on assignment for the London Times which took him to Japan, he eventually divided his
time between bases in London and Hong Kong traveling widely around Europe and Asia.

Over a five year period much of his creativity was focused on Japan, and his first book , Faces of Japan, was published in Tokyo in 1978. He eventually he settled in Hong Kong in 1978, and started the Stock House PhotoAgency in 1980.


關於Bob Davis

Bob Davis1944年生於澳洲墨爾本,12歲做了他的第一個黑房。六十年代中在塔斯曼尼亞開始其攝影事業。從事攝影工作已超過四十年,攝影項目包括國家地理頻道的海洋攝影項目、香格里拉亞洲區的酒店、廣告及企業等,足跡遍及世界各地。曾在倫敦及日本工作。七十年代開始以香港為基地並開於1980年設第一間備存相片代理公司"The Stock House",是香港資深的紀實與商業攝影師。