KOTOBA - Hong Kong Photographers series
言葉 - 香港攝影家編慈善攝影展

A charity show for helping Japan 善款將全數捐贈予日本作地震救援之用
Date: 26 Apr - 12 Jun 2011
Artists: Michael Wolf、區家耀 (Gavin Au)、鄭逸宇(Leo Cheng)、朱德華 (Almond Chu)、葉曉燕(Rachel Ip) 、劉智聰(Lau Chi Chung)、梁家泰(Leong Ka Tai)、吳世傑 (Ng Sai Kit)、彭麗雯(Amy Pang)、岑允逸(Dustin Shum)、蘇慶強(So Hing Keung)、黃勤帶(Wong Kan Tai)、 黃啟裕(Blues Wong)、黃國才(Kacey Wong)、 楊德銘 (Paul Yeung)、 余偉建(Vincent Yu) 及本城直季(Naoki Honjo),James Whitlow Delano


The Upper Station (photo gallery) will hold a photography exhibition cum charity sale of works by various Hong Kong photographers curated by Dr. Edwin Lai from 21 April 2011. The exhibition, entitled ‘KOTOBA’, aims to raise donation to the victims of seismic disaster in Japan. All proceeds from the sales of the works shall go to emergency and post-disaster assistance in Japan, in order to show our support to the survivors of this disaster and the relief to the affected areas.

Various Hong Kong photography artists were called together and contributed their works to this charity exhibition. Participating artists included Gavin Au, Leo Cheng, Almond Chu, Rachel Ip, Lau Chi Chung, Leong Ka Tai, Ng Sai Kit, Amy Pany, Dustin Shum, So Hing Keung, Wong Kan Tai, Blues Wong, Kacey Wong, Paul Yeung, Vincent Yu, Naoki Honjo and James Whitlow Delano.

Most of their art pieces were taken in Japan, while some of them were taken in Hong Kong to convey their regards and concern from afar. Among them, local artist and award-winning journalistic photographer Vincent Yu documented the latest situation of the affected area in his recent visit to Japan a week ago, another renowned local artist Chu Tak-wah created a collage with the photos taken when he was studying abroad in Japan. The works clearly demonstrate the close tie between the two places. We hope this exhibition will touch your heart, and will make you join our good course by purchasing one of these works for collection and charity.


The Upper Station (photo gallery) 將由2011年4月21日起舉辦一個由黎健強博士策展的慈善攝影展「言葉﹣香港攝影家編」。是次將展出多位香港著名攝影師的作品,並進行義賣,善款將全數捐贈予日本作地震救援之用,聊表香港人的一點心意。

有份參與的藝術家包括區家耀 (Gavin Au)、鄭逸宇(Leo Cheng)、朱德華 (Almond Chu)、葉曉燕(Rachel Ip) 、劉智聰(Lau Chi Chung)、梁家泰(Leong Ka Tai)、吳世傑(Ng Sai Kit)、彭麗雯(Amy Pang)、岑允逸(Dustin Shum)、蘇慶強(So Hing Keung)、黃勤帶(Wong Kan Tai)、黃啟裕(Blues Wong)、黃國才(Kacey Wong)、楊德銘 (Paul Yeung)、余偉建(Vincent Yu) 及本城直季(Naoki Honjo)、James Whitlow Delano。

展覽中許多作品都是在日本拍攝的 ─ 余偉建剛從日本災區採訪回來,拍攝了大量當地情況。朱德華用以拼貼的小照是他留學時代的記憶 ,也有攝影家展示在本地拍攝的事物,圖像呈現的乃是遙遠的祝願與關懷。