Hong Kong Corner Houses 街頭街尾

Date: 11 Dec 2010 - 16 Jan 2011
Artist: Michael Wolf :吳爾夫
Opening Reception 開幕酒會: 10 Dec 2010, 6-8pm

Hong Kong corner houses

Michael abstractly express the crowdedness of modern city architecture and the blurred distinction between private and public living spaces in his projects. In Hong Kong Corner Houses, he continues with his visual quest for the overlooked and underappreciated urban phenomena that give a city its special character. This time, he draws attention to Hong Kong’s urban corners and buildings that are often inconspicuous amid the high-rise, high-density urban clutter of Hong Kong. These ordinary residential-commercial buildings of ’50s and ’60s vintage represent the expression of local Chinese pragmatism and expediency in the economic austerity of early postwar decades. The photographic presentation captures the inherent paradoxes of their architectural character: the quiet prominence, attractive banality, and tectonic chaos that give urban Hong Kong its endearing quality.


吳爾夫以拍攝重複而密集的都市樓宇著稱,抽象地帶出當代都市建築的擠壓感,道出私人與公共生活空間的模糊界線。他的作品曾於美國、意大利、比利時、土耳其及香港等地巡迴展出。在 「街頭街尾」展覽中, 吴尔夫再次運用他的視覺來尋覓一些常被忽略和忽視的城市現象。他令觀眾重新發現了隱匿在香港高樓林立市區中的街頭街尾建築。「街頭街尾」的建築物都是五、六十年代的商住大廈,它們的設計反映了香港華人在戰後的艱難條件下所表現的務實主義和權宜之計。攝影師捕捉了這類建築物其貌不揚中的份外顯眼,平平無奇中的別具吸引,和混雜無章中的生氣勃勃。這些充滿矛盾的特點就正正是香港市貌最引人入勝之處。


About the artist

Michael Wolf was born in Munich, Germany, and grew up in the US, Canada and in Europe. After studying for one year at the University of California, Berkeley 1973. He returned to Germany to study photography under the tutorship of Professor Otto Steinert at the Folkwang school in Essen. He has worked as a photographer and author in China for sixteen years, and has been a resident of Hong Kong since 1994. Publications released to date are China in Transition (2001), Sitting in China (2002), Hong Kong: Front Door/Back Door (2005) and The Transparent City (2008) Hong Kong Inside/Outside (2009) tokyo Compression (2010) and ASOUE (2010) Recent works Architecture of Density and the Transparent City depict the repetition and density of cityscapes which abstractly express the crowdedness of modern city architecture and the blurred distinction between private and public living spaces. Wolf's works have been shown in the US, Italy, Belgium, Holland, UK, Turkey and Hong Kong, France, Germany and China. He is in many major collections, including the Metropolitan Musuem of Art in NY, the Folkwangmuseum in Essen, The Museum for Architecture in Frankfurt, The Microsoft Collection, The Brooklyn Museum.

出生於德國慕尼黑,成長於美國,1973年畢業於美國加州大學伯克萊分校,亦於德國杜伊斯堡埃森大學跟隨Otto Steinert教授學習攝影。他在中國從事攝影及著書達十年,自1994年居於香港。著作包括:《過渡中的中國》 (2001)、《參與中國》(2002) 、《香港,前門/後門》(2005) 和《透明的城市》(2008)。吳爾夫近作「建築密度」及「透明的城市」以拍攝重複而密集的都市樓宇著稱,抽象地帶出當代都市建築的擠壓感,道出私人與公共生活空間的模糊界線。作品曾於美國、意大利、比利時、土耳其及香港等地巡迴展出。