Mountain Blossom 蔓山花飛 - 中國當代攝影四人展
Date: 17.03-09.05.2010
Artists: Liu Yue 劉月﹑Guo Peng 郭鵬﹑Ma Kang 馬康﹑Yang Yongliang 楊泳梁


Most recent works of contemporary Chinese landscape photography depict natural scenery of wintry mood as well as cities undergoing insane development. In this exhibition, four contemporary photographic artists from China present another face of modern China from an alternate angle, thereby expressing their unique view points and their contemplations over the spirit of China as well as traditional culture.

Liu Yue immerses in the landscape the image of blankets which symbolise progression from pursuit of mere survival towards middle class status in China’s age of reform and openness. He experiments with landscape as the most embracing and the most intimate way for emotional discharge to recollect and record the historical remains held by these objects of proof.
In his works, Yang Yongliang wisely weaves the hustles of our cities with his landscape paintings, creating an innovative visual effect and thus cultivating a dialogue on urbanisation and modernisation.
The works of Ma Kan speak about the substantial existence of history contiously being eaten away by the apparent characteristics of economic development while the internal qualities of scenery have been gradually pulled back to their original positions by the puppet strings of the old days. He is concerned about when we would be cleared from the obscure deformity of the age of uncertainty during the time of elusive development.

Manually, Guo Peng dyed his black-and-white photos color to express the attention he gives to the natural landscape in literati’s ideals. He creates dreamy scenes that could not be told from illusion or reality. Dying his photos with tea water is part of his earlier behavioral art. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, which mark the age of material scarcity in China, the world of rich colors was deliberately imitated and processed. It is the romantic air of that period that Guo captures.

The four contemporary Chinese artists use photography to create a special sense of locality. They materialise, knit and dissolve nature, history and memory. From a virtual vantage point, they substantially reflect a social reality which is experiencing profound changes, allowing us to see development of today’s China from another perspective.



劉月把在中國改革開放時期象徵著從溫飽邁進小康的被子融入於山水之中,試著用山水這一種最廣義最親切的抒情方式去回憶以及記 錄這些物證中所沉積著的時代印跡。

楊泳梁的作品則巧妙地把當下繁榮紛擾的城市織進他的山水畫裡,製造出一種嶄新的視覺效果, 並進而展開對城市化與現代性的對話。


郭鵬以手工染色黑白照片來關注文人理想中的自然景觀,製造出一個又一個亦真亦假的夢幻場景。用茶葉水染成的方吋照片是他前期行為藝術的一部份,要表達的是中國六七十年代物質貧乏時代對色彩斑斕 世界的刻意模仿與加工那種浪漫情懷。

這四位當代中國藝術家利用攝影創造出一種獨特的地域感,體現、交織並分解了自然、歷史和記 憶。他們從虛擬的角度切實地反映了一個處於深重變化中的社會的現實,讓我們得以從另一個角度去觀看現今的中國發展。