Camera | Zero 4x5 Multi Format System



Zero 4x5 Multi Format System
(Edition no. 1000)

The Zero 4 x 5 Multi-Format System is the world’s first camera that combines pinhole and zone plate technology in one unit. It is the only pinhole camera in a 4 x 5 format and a multi-focal length design available commercially. Your imagination and creativity can go wild! This camera has a simple design, but it can be altered to allow countless combinations with its optional accessories.  A variety of different focal lengths and pinhole sizes are available at your discretion. You can create unique images according to your own creative vision. The Zero 4 x 5 Multi-Format system is a must in your pinhole camera series.

Material: Teak Wood and solid brass.
Dimension: 30mm (D) x 155mm (H) x 135 mm (W) (knob is not included)
Film Holder
4x5 sheet/pack film holder, Polaroid 545, Type 55, Calumet 6x9 or
6x12 roll-film back.
Tripod socket: 1/4" Thread
Weight: 168gm or 6oz
Focal Length: 25mm
Pinhole Size: 0.2mm
F/Stop: f/138
Zone Plate: 11 zones
F/stop (zone plate): f/43.25

Price: $882