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Sharan DIY Pinhole Camera STD-35e

來自日本,簡單易懂的自組針孔相機!無須任何工具就能組合出成像漂亮的紙製針孔相機,通過 一小時左右的輕鬆製作過程,能簡易了解相機的原理。 STD-35e使用普通的135菲林,同時附有腳架鑽孔及四足座台的設計,讓你能隨時隨地拍出你的 針孔作品

The STD-35 is the DIY pinhole camera with an innovative light-tight clamshell design. Made in Japan by Sharan, the STD-35 pinhole camera is designed to be easy to build and use. The camera body is made of durable, lightweight black paperboard (1mm thick). The film is advanced and rewound with plastic spools. The shutter slides smoothly up and down – so taking pinhole photographs is simple! The STD-35 assembles in 1 to 2 hours without cutting or glue. It is easy to make a pinhole camera with the STD35!

Material: Paperboard, SBS Weight:75 gm
Pinhole Size: 0.16mm  
Focal Length: 20mm Tripod socket: 1/4" Thread
Size: 110 x 70 x 32 mm
Film Stop: F/130
Film Format: 135 Roll film

Price: $199