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Themeless Parks 係.唔係樂園
by Dustin Shum 岑允逸

ISBN 978-988-98014-1-0
220mm x 275mm
160 Pages, Hard Cover
Bilingual (English & Chinese)
Price HKD $180


假如我要用一個詞去形容這個系列的照片,我會說: 天馬行空。由鄧小平「四個現代化」開始的中國新時代來臨以後,中國社會經歷了重大的變化。順應這個轉變,於中國各個城市的政府人員開始建造一個又一個的公園,作為城市美化運動之一。這一種「都市狂熱」繼續以驚人的速度漫延到全個中國。這些公園都成為了城市官員的政治倫理的一部分,同時亦為多了消閒時間的國民提供了新的休憩空間。



The media is falling over itself to portray the economic development of Chinese cities; however Dustin Shum’s latest work “Themeless Park” follows a different path. Dustin’s choice of subject matter wasn’t the workers of southern China, or residents who refuse to be relocated, or the disappearing Hutongs of Beijing, or the proud “Birds Nest” and “Water Cube” Olympic buildings. Or , rather, his Dustin’s work focuses on the parks of southern China as his grand scenes, revealing how the spirit of travelers at leisure and the strange things inside the parks reflect each other. The book portrays a strangely surreal atmosphere of park spaces in the southern China, in the time of the passage of consumerism and capitalism.


About the Author

SHUM Dustin

Dustin Shum, born in Hong Kong in 1971, is now a freelance photographer. He received his BA (Hons) Degree in Photographic Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. During his time as a photojournalist he recieved a number of awards presented by The Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Press Photographers Association and Amnesty International etc.