Books | Oasis - Artists' Studio in Hong Kong vol.2 (English version) /
走讀藝術 - 香港藝術家工作室 第二冊 (中文版)


Oasis - Artists' Studio in Hong Kong vol.2(English version) /
走讀藝術 - 香港藝術家工作室 第二冊(中文版)

Edited by Victor Lai Ming-hoi 黎明海

ISBN 978-988-17041-6-0 / 978-988-17041-5-3
250mm x 290 mm
346/342 pages, Hard Cover with dust jacket
English / Chinese
Price:HKD $420

The sequel to the influential Oasis - Artists' Studios in Hong Kong, this second volume introduces another intriguing line up of artists 'at home' in their studios. The spaces, works and psyches of renowned artists Wucius Wong, Yank Wong and Danny Lee Chinfai, among others, are lavishly featured along with cultural commentary from internationally recognised figures such as graphic designer Kan Tai-keung, painter Wan Qingli and calligrapher Yip Man-yam. The latest edition of Oasis also has the honour of being edited by esteemed artist-academic Victor Lai, whose immense experience and social network have allowed this volume to match and transcend its predecessor. As with the original Oasis, the volume is beautifully illustrated and includes detailed descriptions of each artist's professional life, lists of their exhibitions, awards and activities, and well as a unique studio location map. A must-have for art lovers everywhere.

About the Editor

Victor Lai is an associate professor in the department of creative arts and physical education at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He is also an honourary adviser and judge for a number of notable art-related organisations. Lai has long been an active figure in the promotion of art in Hong Kong, and is himself a prolific artist.