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走讀藝術 - 香港藝術家工作室 (中文版)


Oasis - Artists' Studio in Hong Kong (English version)/
走讀藝術 - 香港藝術家工作室 (中文版)

Edited by Tang Ying-chi

ISBN 978-988-17041-2-2 / 978-988-17041-1-5
250mm x 290 mm
360/356 pages, Hard Cover with dust jacket
English / Chinese
Price:HKD $388

This hardcover publication invites the reader to the birthplace of art: 25 unique studios in which the best of Hong Kong's painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, installation and mixed-media work take shape. The spaces range from luxurious homes to starkly-lit workshops in industrial buildings, and each offers fascinating insight into the psyches of the artists who inhabit them. Oasis - Artists' Studios in Hong Kong welcomes readers into the day-to-day world of the artist. In spontaneous face-to-face interviews, artists describe how their studios have stimulated their creativity, how their works relate to their neighborhoods, and how these creations can help shape our perspectives in ways both subtle and obvious. Lavishly illustrated with professional photographs that are works of art in themselves, Oasis - Artists' Studios in Hong Kong includes detailed descriptions of each artist's professional life, with lists of their exhibitions, awards and activities within the world of art, as well as a unique studio location map.

About the Editor

Tang Ying-chi's international prominence as an artist is matched by her role as an editor, commentator, curator and facilitator. Her artistic endeavors span a wide range of media, her most recent accomplishment being a large-scale installation. Tang is also a founding member of MIA (Mere Independent Artists), an organization that helps up-and-coming artists build their careers.