Books | MEGAFAUNA 活化石群像


Photography and Text by Lumenvisum 光影作坊

ISBN 978-988-17998-6-9
300mm x 300mm
200pages, Hard Cover
Bilingual (English & Chinese)
Price HKD $280

'Megafauna' is a term commonly used by archaeologists and biologists to describe large-bodied mammals that weigh more than 45kg. Homo sapiens is a junior member, but unlike other megafauna which need an intact natural environment to maintain their existence, man's impulsion to modify his surroundings has destroyed his intimacy with nature. Nowadays, our homes and workplaces can be found in skyscrapers, underground or even on the seabed. We, the megafauna of the city, have developed a unique living style. Without photography it would almost be impossible for us to recognise and record the changing face of our living environment amid its rapid development. Thus, in this compelling book, four local photographers - the co-founders of Lumenvisum - have attempted to record the relationship of a megafauna species with the place called Hong Kong, at this particular moment in time.

About the Author


Lumenvisum is a photo resource centre in Hong Kong and the first that promotes photography as a tool of communication among individuals and communities through education and exchange. It provides a platform for photographic institutions in Hong Kong, China and overseas. Despite different backgrounds which range from art creation and photojournalism to education, Lumenvisum co-founders Dick Chan, Raymond Chan, Leon Suen and Tse Ming Chong share a singular vision; the belief that people should be free to express experiences, thoughts and feelings through images.