Books | Mahjong 麻雀 Vol.1


Mahjong 麻雀 Vol.1
By Kantai Wong, Paul Yeung, Karl Chiu, Dustin Shum

ISBN 978-988-18597-1-6
25cm x 34cm
52 Pages, Soft Cover
Bilingual (English & Chinese)
Price HKD $80

Special offer vol1+2=$120


Mahjong is a traditional game for four players that originated in China and popular in the Chinese society. To be the winner of the game, it requires skill, strategy and calculation, as well as a certain degree of luck. The self-published photography periodical, "Mahjong", is a collaboration of four Hong Kong photographers from four different generations. They are Kantai Wong, Karl Chiu, Dustin Shum and Paul Yeung. Just like the different strategies of different players in the Mahjong game, the periodical manifests the unique visions of the four photographers towards the society of Hong Kong and mainland China.