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KLACK 咔攝影文化誌 volume 1
by KLACK Photography and Culture Ltd. 咔攝影及文化有限公司

235mm x 300mm
160pages, Soft Cover
Bilingual (English & Chinese)
Price: HKD $120

《咔》攝影文化誌是一本為了展示和分析攝影及影像獨特的表達功能及文化,而出現的一本雜誌。有別於市面所見的的攝影雜誌,我們尋求相中趣味,以及展示一切攝影所能影響及達成的事。我們在社區及不同身份的人中,搜集出獨特的影像,例如不同flickr 用家上傳相片跟大眾分享、眼科醫生的視網膜影像等等。對其進行多角度的分析、解讀,並對本地攝影有較深入的研究,務求能進一步擴闊攝影的表現性、本質和意義,繼而能推動攝影作為文化創意教育。 攝影的表現手法多而廣,若果能將為散佈於各處不為人知的創意影像根據攝影歷史和理論作出統整,深入淺出,結果將普出意想不到的火花,亦延展出主流藝術攝影以外的更多可能性。

SOLARGRAPHY香港站:針孔攝影下的日月軌跡 ── 香港十八區solargraphy照片及訪問前天文台台長林超英
盲點 ── 攝影師鴻飛及周國安眼科專科醫生作品
目倒 ── 攝影師孫樹坤作品
婚宴上的浮花掠影 ── 展示香港獨特的婚禮文化 ;你/妳喜歡繁或簡?
手指指 ── 不同人物場景的照片皆有人手指指著空無之處,這照片在說甚麼?
冷峻的風景,冷峻的教育 ── 透過相片呈示一式一樣的學校,教育就是監獄?
為過去複製新紀錄:HK Man的網上相簿 ── 由網上相簿引發一場不兒戲的攝影遊戲

人物專訪 ── Leonie Purchas
攝影評論:「視而不見」的真理 ── 作者:小西
攝影評論:無名東宮啟事錄 ── 作者:明凡

KLACK Photography & Culture Magazine is a local photography magazine, which aims at revealing a new and unique culture of interpreting photographs. We wish to gather and unscramble distinctive images and high quality works from different walks of life. We are looking for an interactive way on discussing and analyzing photography, so as to widen the horizons of our readers in understanding its nature. We believe that if we succeed in gathering creative images far and wide, we would be able to figure out other possibilities from the mainstream photography.

Content Introduction
SOLARGRAPHY @ Hong Kong : Sunpath Pinhole Recording – Solargraphy images from the eighteen districts of Hong Kong and interview with Mr. Chiu-Ying Lam, the former director of Hong Kong Observatory
Blind.Spot – Photo works by photographer Hung Fei and Dr. Gordon K O Chau (Eye Institute of Hong Kong)
Inverted Sight – Photo works by photographer Leon Suen
The Transcient Impression of Wedding Banquet – Showcasing the unique wedding culture of Hong Kong; A complicated or a simple wedding, which one do you prefer?
Pointing to Wonder – While people pointing finger at void space at different settings, what do they say in the photos?
Deadpan Landscape, Deadpan Education – Exhibiting schools under the same mould; is education a prison?
Reproducing New Records for the Past: HK Man’s Online Album – A not simple photo game initiated by online album

Interviewing with Leonie Purchas
Photography Critique: “Unconscious Truth” — written by Damian Cheng
Photography Critique: “Lesson of the Unknown Chamber from the East” – written by Blues Wong
Meeting Hong Kong Photographers: John Choy
Hong Kong Cameras: HALINA
Photo Books reviewReaders’ submission of photos

About the author

KLACK Photography and Culture Magazine is published bi-annually by KLACK Photography and Culture Co. Ltd. and Art and Culture Outreach (ACO).
KLACK Photography and Culture Limited is a Hongkong-based young and energetic group of photographers and artists, who strive for committing and fostering to contemporary photography. We welcome all kinds of collaborations engaged with photography and visual culture relates with lens-based medium.

ACO is a non-profit making organization founded in 2005, aiming to facilitate both local and overseas art and cultural practitioners to have cross boundary / discipline development. We encourage cross-over collaboration in different aspects: aco_books - bookshop + aco_air - artist in residence.