Books | Hong Kong Walled City 2002-2007 香港地


Hong Kong Walled City 2002-2007 香港地
by Wong Kan Tai 黃勤帶

ISBN 978-988-98012-2-7
205mm x 205mm
180pages, Soft Cover
Bilingual (English & Chinese)
Price HKD $98




Famus photographer Wong Kan-tai revisited the place where he lived and grown up, using Toy Cameras(Lomo) to pick up images from streets to lanes, trying to reassemble the old-fashioned side of Hong Kong.


About the Author


Wong Kan-tai born in 1957 in Hong Kong, Wong started his career as photo-journalist in the 1970s. From 1982 to 1986, he pursued a photography course in Japan. His photographic collections published include Tiananmen '89, Land Reclaim and Walled City: Hong Kong 2002 - 2007. Wong now lives in Macau and works as a freelance photographer.