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Finale 終
By Karl Chiu 趙嘉榮

ISBN 978-962-85745-3-7
225mm x 290mm
192 Pages, Hard Cover
Bilingual (Franch & Chinese)
Price HKD $150

“finale” comprises of black and white photographs taken in recent years of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States, and Japan. With a background in documentary photography, Karl has endeavored and ventured into overtly personal and distinctive viewpoints, surreal and impressionistic in approach. These images lead us into dreamy and drifting states as we wander from one poem to another.

About the Author


Karl Chiu is a photojournalist who is fully aware of his inclinations to seek out his own visual narratives. And with humor, he is ever widening his views on favorite social or personal issues. Educated in Taiwan (major in sociology) and the United States (major in photography) Karl aware but is also indifferent with the different identities of a Chinese photographer in different contexts. He pursues a “virgin eye” approach and is seeking the appearance of “angle” in his crafted black and white photographs. The humanistic as well as tactile quality of traditional photography gives him room to search of “angles” within the visual world.