Books | Black List 香港舞台黑色列陣


Black List 香港舞台黑色列陣
Photography: Leocampo 阮漢威
Editor:Lotus Chan陳惠儀

ISBN 978-988-18823-8-7
180mm x 240mm
144 Pages, Hard Cover
Bilingual (English & Chinese)
Price HKD$190

香港首個以舞台幕後技術人員為題的攝影集。舞台攝影師兼舞台設計師阮漢威走訪本地各大小劇 院後台重地,找來41位舞台幕後技術精英,以黑白寂靜的調子配合各人專業崗位的環境他們的臉孔一一拍下。想一窺舞台幕後風景的觀眾不能錯過

Black List is the first photo album features Hong Kong’s theatre backstage heroes. Stage photographer and designer Leocampo Yuen tramped around theatres backstage in Hong Kong, taking portrait of 41 theatre backstage heroes. The black and white portraits revealed the effort and professionalism of these backstage elites, showing their passion in the “dark”.


About the photographer

Leocampo Yuen graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing arts (HKAPA) with a bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, majoring in Set and Costume Design. He received a Best costume Design Award from the Hong Kong Drama Awards for his work in The Good Person of szechwan. Currently working as a freelance stage artist-photographer, his photography is widly seen in theatrical publications and the other related media. With Cheung Chi Wai and the others, he also co-founded the ‘Popa-Gala’ online theatrical photography archive.