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Hong Kong/China Photographers Five – Mak Fung
Text by Sylvia Ng, Photography by Mak Fung

213 mm x 278 mm
208 Pages, Hard Cover
Price: HKD $300

This is a remarkable collection of images by Mak Fung, one of the most prominent and acclaimed photographers yet to emerge from Hong Kong. As well as being a practitioner of the art, Mak was a technical and philosophical innovator, writing prolifically on photography and serving as executive editor for Photoart and Photo Pictorial of Hong Kong. He was also an Honorary fellow of the Chinese Photographic Association and Asian Photographic Association of Singapore. Hong Kong/China Photographers Five - Mak Fung focuses on the photographer’s early documentarystyle portrayals of the city and the daily lives of its ordinary people. Conversely, Mak’s portraits of cinema stars reveal much about the glamour of a bygone era in Hong Kong.

About the Photographer

MAK Fung

Mak Fung (1918-2009) was for decades the executive editor of Photo Pictorial, the longest running local photography magazine. Mak had for years taught for the Hong Kong Chinese Clerks association and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, where he inspired generations of Hong Kong’s photography lovers.