Artists | Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf was born in Munich, Germany, and grew up in the US, Canada and in Europe. After studying for one year at the University of California, Berkeley 1973. He returned to Germany to study photography under the tutorship of Professor Otto Steinert at the Folkwang school in Essen. He has worked as a photographer and author in China for sixteen years, and has been a resident of Hong Kong since 1994. Publications released to date are China in Transition (2001), Sitting in China (2002), Hong Kong: Front Door/Back Door (2005) and The Transparent City (2008) Hong Kong Inside/Outside (2009) tokyo Compression (2010) and ASOUE (2010) Recent works Architecture of Density and the Transparent City depict the repetition and density of cityscapes which abstractly express the crowdedness of modern city architecture and the blurred distinction between private and public living spaces. Wolf’s works have been shown in the US, Italy, Belgium, Holland, UK, Turkey and Hong Kong, France, Germany and China. He is in many major collections, including the Metropolitan Musuem of Art in NY, the Folkwangmuseum in Essen, The Museum for Architecture in Frankfurt, The Microsoft Collection, The Brooklyn Museum.