Artists | Hisun Wong

Hisun Wong was born in Singapore in 1958 and raised in Hong Kong, living in Shanghai since 2006. He has been involved in photography since he was a teenager. Hisun was discharged from his almost 24 years of corporate life and now focuses on his artistic endeavor. In additional to photography, he is interested in historical architecture. He obtained a Master degree in Architectural Conservation in 2004 at The University of Hong Kong. His first degree was Business Administration awarded by Mankato University in 1981

He participated in many group exhibitions in Hong Kong, China and United States. Hisun held his solo exhibition "China West" in 2002 in Hong Kong. His photographic works are in various collections including the Polaroid Collections, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, other institutions and private collectors. He also contributed works to charitable organizations in Hong Kong and United States, for fund raising for the good of humanity.