Artists | Guo Peng
1982 Born in Dazhou, Sichuan province, P.R.China.
2006 Graduated from Yunnan Art Institute. Bachelor.
Current Working and living in Kunming.
Beyond The Sky, OFOTO Gallery, Beijing.
Folk'08 Local Global: Contemporary Art exhibition, TC/G Nordica Gallery.
FOTO•OFOTO, Photography Exhibition, OFOTO Gallery, Beijing.
Variation View, Yunart Gallery, Kunming, China.
Consolidate Catalogue, TCG Nordica Gallery, Kunming.
Art Linking: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing.
Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao.
Chinese Art Today - Identity and Transformation: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bohuslans Museum Uddevalla Sweden.
Figural Pleasure: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Museum of Yunnan University, Kunming.
Nine By - Roads: Multimedia Art Exhibition, Solomon Art Hall, Kunming.
The 4th Chinese Independent Film Festival, RCM Art Museum, Nanjing.
Staged Scene, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai.
Image - Nation: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai.
Love of Spreading Contemporary Art Exhibition, TC/G Nordica Gallery, Kunming.
Size Decides Attitude: First 5x7 Photography Biennial, Pingyao International Photography Festival.
New Power - China, Yuan Gong Art Museum, Shanghai.
Borderline International Video Art Exhibition, Beijing Cubic Art Centre Platform.
Virtual China, Walker Arts Centre, Minneapolis USA.
Off the Record, Tokyo, Japan.
Wrestling: The Orange Contemporary Art Exhibition, ALAB Loft, Kunming, China
Once Again, Workshop, Lijiang Lashihai.
China - Green Images Art Exhibition, Ag-art loft, Hangzhou, China, Tank Loft Arts Center, Chongqing.
Beyond Temporality Images Art Exhibition, Pingyao international Photography Festival.
Modern Media Contemporary Art Exhibition, ALAB Loft, Kunming.
Jianghu Journey, workshop, Kunming, Lijiang, Dali.
Supper Reversal Contemporary Art Exhibition, ALAB Loft, Kunming.
China Artistic Cooperate, workshop, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dazhou.
Present Contemporary Art Exhibition, TC/G Nordica Gallery, Kunming.
China Look Then Speak Images Art Exhibition, ALAB Loft, Kunming.
New View, Kunming Museum.
Blow Up Contemporary Art Exhibition, ALAB Loft, Kunming.
American Foundation for Nature .
RCM Art Museum Nanjing.
Yuangong Art Museum Shanghai.
Art Museum of Yunnan Art Institute